1976 Ferrari 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer

This 1976 Ferrari 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer for sale


The last RHD 365 Boxer with Ferrari Classiche certified

The 365 GT4 BB on offer here was supplied new by Grassicks Garage in Scotland, in August 1976 finished in Nero Dark Ronald (20.B.50) with black leather upholstery (VM8500) which it still remains in now. This car is the last RHD 365 GT4 BB manufactured with only one further LHD car being made prior to the introduction of the 512 version. The car contains many of the improvements that were incorporated into the 512BB including the revised transaxle and steering rack.

​By 1978 the car was in London with its second owner and had been maintained by leading Ferrari specialists Bob Houghton and later Foskers. Our client purchased the car in 2003 with the mileage at 17,608, within the year the car underwent some additional work; starter motor rebuilt by Bennets of Watford, Air-conditioning re-charged by Mirage Air, wheels removed and suspension pressure washed, cleaned and touched-up, suspension geometry check performed by Northway Tyres, new wiper blades fitted, new radiator/front lid foam sealing strip fitted, new air-filters, oil filters and fuel filters fitted, engine oil drained and refilled with Castrol GTX, reversing light switch adjusted, and the reversing lights were removed, stripped, cleaned and rebuilt, leather food applied to interior, stainless steel nuts & bolts fitted to front and rear bonnet fittings, Ignition timing set, carburetors balanced and tuned, the BB also received its Ferrari Classiche Certificate.

The car spent the winter of 2003 and early 2004 in dry storage in a carcoon.  In June Tubi exhausts were supplied by Scuderia systems, the car re-entered storage in August 2005. Work started in December 2006 when the engine and water pipes were removed, the cam belts and cam tensioner springs were all replaced, the water pump was rebuilt and all hoses were replaced. January 2007 new oil filters, engine oil, spark plugs and fuel filter were fitted. The gearbox was drained and refilled with Royal Purple MaxGear 75w90.

​The car received a major service in May of 2014 when the engine was removed in order to change the cam belts, new high-performance tensioners, new camshaft oil seals were fitted and new water pump seal, plus oil, air and fuel filters. The distributor and carburetors were both rebuilt. The gearbox/transaxle were drained and refilled. The brakes calipers were rebuilt by Classic Car Brakes in Stourport and the brake discs were skimmed. The suspension was stripped and suspension arms re-plated and reassembled with new inner and outer bushes throughout, new wheel bearings and new shock absorbers all round. New steering rack mountings and anti-roll bar bushes were fitted. During September and October the car was with Gary Creasey, the seats had the bolster stuffing refreshed and the dashboard had a small area of stitching renewed. The full interior was then reconnolised by Peter Smith of Green Leather, all electrics were checked and new pioneer speakers were fitted. The car returned to storage in October.

​In September of 2017 the car underwent a full bare-metal respray at Scuderia Sports Cars; were it was repainted in the original Nero Dark Ronald with satin black lower half. Scuderia also carried out a full cambelt service and the car returned to the owner in August 2019, it then went straight to Azuri Car where it was treated to a full detail.

​One of just 387 produced and the rarest boxer, this turn-key Ferrari Classiche certified example is ready to be used and enjoyed.

Servicing history:

16/08/1976: 500 miles Maranello Concessionaires
17/12/1976: 900 miles Maranello Concessionaires
10/06/1977: 1,900 miles Maranello Concessionaires
20/06/1977: 7,805 miles Maranello Concessionaires
13/06/1978: 8,586 miles Ferrari H.R. Owen
05/03/1979: 9,500 miles Rosso Racing Limited
25/10/1985: 13,668 miles Maranello Concessionaires
23/10/1986: 13,999 miles Modena
1990-1995: Private arrangement with Maranello Concessionaires mechanic
23/05/1996: 14,700 miles Car Doctors
05/12/2000: 17,168 miles Foskers
25/04/2002: 17,323 miles Foskers - cam belts based on time
30/05/2003: 17,718 miles Rosso Classico
22/05/2004: 19,450 miles Rosso Classico
22/01/2007: 21,500 miles Simon Campbell - cam belts based on time
22/12/2011: 21,604 miles L.E. Kramer
28/06/2014: 21,649 miles Simon Campbell - cam belts based on time
02/08/2019: 22,431 miles Scuderia Scaglietti - cam belts based on time

  • One of 387 built, one of only 58 right-hand drive cars
  • Offered in exceptional condition throughout
  • The final right-hand drive 365 Boxer
  • Ferrari Classiche certified
COLOUR Nero Dark Ronald
TRIM Black Leather
MILEAGE 22,400 Miles

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