2017 Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso

This 2017 Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso for sale


One of only five created by Touring Superleggera and the only example offered on the market

The Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso by Touring Superleggera

"There’s no need to conceal or overdesign" said Louis de Fabribeckers - head of Touring Superleggera's design team.  “Nowadays, we concentrate our energy into the most significant activity: the validation of volumes and proportions.  We keep applying the original Touring design philosophy: the volume defines us and shows us our path.”

​The tailor-made hand crafted Touring Berlinetta Lusso was launched in 2015 at the famed Geneva Motor Show. Louis de Fabribeckers’ design team created a new interpretation of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The Berlinetta Lusso is inspired by the lines of the legendary 1950s Ferrari 166 MM. The 166 MM was designed for competition with the ‘MM’ in reference to Mille Miglia. Touring designed the Berlinetta Lusso for use as a Grand Tourer. Touring Superleggera leaves all mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and powertrain untouched, preserving the stellar performance and efficiency of what is considered one of the best supercars ever. The proven high performance of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, with that lovely sounding and performing V12 6.3 Litre naturally aspirated engine, delivering 740BHP, paired with a 7-speed electrically sequential gearbox with mounted paddle-shift control.  Touring were able to save considerable weight from the original F12 chassis, which uses 12 different types of alloy, whilst increasing the torsional stiffness by 20%.

​The exceptional powertrain and innovative chassis inherited from the F12 provided the perfect platform for the unique Berlinetta Lusso coachwork. The sublime restyling included a new bonnet, boot-lid, diffuser and rear apron which were all hand-beaten in aluminium using traditional coachbuilding techniques.  Customers had to submit their own F12 Berlinetta for the conversion and wait six months for the 5,000 man-hours of work to be completed.  The Berlinetta Lusso uses carbonfibre extensively, exploiting the benefits for the bonnet, front bumper, skirts, tailgate, front splitters and rear diffuser.  Each of the five clients were involved in customising every single detail, as Touring say “At Touring there is no such thing as an option list.  Our customer’s individual taste shall guide our path”.

​The body of the Berlinetta Lusso was drawn by hand and created by hand, no machine could create such a masterpiece. With its unmistakable lines, the sculptural waistline edge springing from the front wheel arch and embracing the whole of the body all the way to the rear which has been a Touring trademark since the start. Touring’s experienced craftsman assisted by state of the art manufacturing technology shape this spectacular car from hand-beaten aluminium panels and the latest carbon fibre advancements.

The Berlinetta Lusso is entirely manufactured at the Touring Superleggera workshop near Milan. The combination of two of the most prestigious brands results in the ultimate statement in luxury and exclusivity.

​This Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso 

Number 2 of only 5 produced, bespoke car was delivered in 2017 to our client, a private collector with a collection of Touring cars.  

The Berlinetta Lusso is painted in Grigio Mistico, which is a one-off colour created by the owner and Touring.  This unique colour is complemented with a brown and beige leather interior with matching “Terra de Siena” stitching.  The wheels were custom made for the Lusso by HRE. The Ferrari audio system has been upgraded by Focal/Naim.

The Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso comes with its very own bespoke luggage set, exact replica model and presentation book containing a detailed photographic history of the car and how it was created.

  • Offered from a private connoisseur’s collection
  • Presented in as new condition throughout
  • The only example offered for sale
  • Number 2 of only 5 created
COLOUR Grigio Mistico
TRIM Beige Leather

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